Get to know our team

Behind every solid home stands an equally solid team

Merks brings together 75 talented professionals in the field who are at the heart of each of our achievements. 12 of them form the Merks mājas core team. Together we create well-thought-out, modern and sustainable homes so that you have the pleasure of choosing your own.


Sales Consultant
Inese sells with a smile and a self-assured calm. She clarifies and resolves any issue in an instant, never leaving anything unaddressed. Inese has accumulated substantial experience in the field of real estate, and when she starts something, she always finishes it.


Sales Consultant
Grigorijs is our balanced intellectual. Always kind, considerate and knowledgeable, he has extensive experience in real estate and its financing solutions. Grigorijs also possesses a wonderful sense of humour, which always hits the mark!

Linda Viktorija

Fast and professional - these two words accurately describe Linda's approach to work. Oriented to the result. Linda really enjoys the work process, even solving the most difficult issues. Real estate is definitely one of her loves.


Guarantee Project Manager
Valērijs is the key to the quality of our projects! He makes sure that new owners are given their homes in perfect condition. Patience is his virtue, and he sees something positive in any situation. Colleagues call Valērijs the team psychotherapist – he always listens, reassures and helps.


Real Estate Development Director
Mikus is a captain of real estate development. Having worked in the industry for more than 17 years, he knows everything about the latest trends and selflessly shares his knowledge and experience. He’s a sympathetic leader with an analytical mind, a fine sense of humour and the ability to inspire. Mikus has the talent to maintain objectivity in any situation. In project development and implementation, he always strives for the best possible result.


Real Estate Development Project Manager
A model of precision and meticulousness for our team! Ludmila is always professional, composed and purposeful. She’s an excellent facilitator, and intuition is her strong suit. Ludmila likes details, so her projects Merks Gaiļezers Homes and Merks Mežpilsēta are, in the words of colleagues, cherished, respected and loved.


Real Estate Development Project Manager
The soul of our team! Mārtiņš is the most joyful of our colleagues and one of the most experienced. During his more than 15 years in the field of real estate, he’s done great things, including implementing an 800-apartment project! Currently, Mārtiņš is dedicating his courage, knowledge and positive energy to our Zaķusala project.


Junior Real Estate Development Project Manager
If there’s a challenge, Madara will accept it, achieve what’s desired and do it perfectly! She’s a team person, taking care of details that at first seem invisible, but are very important in the implementation of our projects. Madara is friendly, helpful, precise and responsible – a great assistant to Dārta in the implementation of the Merks Viesturdārzs and Merks Lucavsala projects.


Design Manager
An architect at heart, Ivo is the most serene design manager in the world! Using his precision, argumentative talent, inner peace and sense of responsibility, Ivo develops standardised solutions for our projects. A keen optimist, he maintains his sense of humour even in seemingly hopeless situations and inspires with professional advice.