Cookie Policy


1.1.  Before you begin to use the website (hereinafter referred to as MERKS website) of SIA MERKS, registration No. 40003304295 (hereinafter referred to as MERKS), please carefully read the cookie policy of MERKS website.

1.2.  A cookie is a text file that is placed in the browser of MERKS website user’s computer in order to improve the operation of the website. A cookie saved on the user’s device allows to identify the user’s activities on MERKS website in order to improve functionality and security of the site.

1.3. MERKS uses the cookies for the following purposes:

  • for management of internet sessions and ensuring functionality of MERKS website;
  • for obtaining statistical data about the flow of visitors of MERKS website, the number of visitors, time spent on the website;
  • in order to improve operational efficiency of the site;
  • in order to obtain statistics of the visits by the users of MERKS website.

1.4. MERKS does not use cookies to perform any tracking of user habits; therefore, MERKS informs you regarding the use of cookies, but does not require consent of the user for use of the cookies.

1.5. Any information obtained by the use of MERKS website cookies is stored only until the expiry of cookies and is not used for other purposes as specified in Article 1.3 of the cookie policy.

1.6. MERKS shall not transfer the obtained information regarding users to the third parties, except the cases mentioned below in this cookie policy.


2.1. MERKS website has been liked with Google Analytics tool which is used by MERKS in order to understand how you used MERKS website and to improve provision of information intended for users.

2.2. Google Analytics operation is ensured by Google Inc. (the US company) which has access to the statistical data collected by using this tool, including user IP address, connection time and other technical information. That way third party (Google) cookies are placed into the user’s device.

2.3. Information regarding the operation of Google cookies can be obtained in the relevant Google privacy or cookie policies, and MERKS shall not be liable for the personal data processing performed by the third party.


3.1.  You may delete cookies, if you choose. User of MERKS website may delete all already saved cookies from his/her device and can adjust settings in order for the browser not to save cookies. In that case the option not to save cookies shall be manually specified each time when you visit MERKS website. However, we would like to warn you that some services and MERKS website functions may not work.

3.2. You may refuse from Google Analytics cookies by downloading and installing Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on. This add-on contacts Google Analytics in order to notify that information regarding the respective visit of the website may not be sent to Google Analytics.

3.3.  You can also change the settings of your browser to refuse from new cookies, delete the existing ones or simply inform you about sending of new cookies to your device.

3.4. If you choose to delete cookies, you should be aware that all options you have set at MERKS website will be lost. If you will block cookies in general, many websites (not only MERKS website) will not work appropriately.  Therefore, MERKS suggests not to switch off the cookie function.


4.1.  MERKS cookie policy may be amended as necessary. All changes to MERKS cookie policy shall be published on MERKS website by special notification regarding changes. MERKS shall store the previous versions of the cookie policy in its archive so that you may review these as necessary.